Our Story
Surround yourself with the finer details, the principles of excellent architectural design influence everything we do.
Our Story

We’re not just a house builder.

We are place creators and home makers, developing inspiring new neighbourhoods where people love to live. We’ll make your home purchasing experience truly special, from reliably excellent customer service to next-level craftsmanship throughout our builds. We’re about the detailing at every stage.

Discover the Chartford detail 

Chartford offers desirable contemporary living. Our foundations are built on rich expertise and knowledge of the latest trends, allowing us to create stylish and practical modern builds. Every home is built according to the latest eco credentials, and because we have genuine confidence in our developments, we’ll provide a ten-year building guarantee. 

From your first interest, to showing you around one of our beautiful show homes; making a reservation to helping you style your home; our incredible customer services team will be there to help you through every stage of the home buying process. 


Surround yourself with the finer details

We believe good home design is a vital combination of style and practicality and we’ve been designing them for over 20 years. The right home understands the way you live your life. It gives you the space you need to feel completely at ease, providing you with energy for the day and a welcome haven on your return.

With homes by Chartford you can fully customise your new home with a quailty designed kitchen and bathroom as well as personalising it with your choice of finished fixtures and fittings. You decide the details – and we’ll make sure your home is crafted to the highest quality.  With Chartford, you can customise your finishes, fixtures and fittings, so you’ll feel right at home from the moment you walk in. 

Finishing Touches

The principles of excellent architectural design influence everything we do.

Our materials, fixtures and fittings are chosen for their quality, strength, reliability and value, making desirable contemporary living within your reach.

All of our properties comply fully with the latest guidance on energy efficiency, are supplied with an energy rating, installed with effective insulation and are backed by a 10 year building guarantee. Quite simply, we create homes that are as practical to live in as they are beautiful to look at.

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Perfection In The Details

New Home Details
New Home Details