Moving to a smaller, more manageable home while releasing equity from your existing home

What is Downsizing?

Downsizing is a popular trend within the retired community, swapping a larger home for a smaller, newer, more manageable home. This option is by no means limited to those of us who have finished work life, some may find it beneficial once the children have left home, or simply to reduce the running and maintenance costs of a larger, older home. Downsize from your current home to a new Chartford Home, making life easier and potentially benefit from a financial boost.

What are the benefits of Downsizing?

  • Releasing any equity in your home, giving you more opportunity to do the things you have always wanted.
  • Moving to a more manageable home, freeing up time for yourself.
  • Benefitting from a more cost effective home, lower monthly bills.
  • Ability to help loved ones financially, maybe a daughter or son's university fees.
  • Decluttering, moving from a large property to a smaller property will give you the chance to have an epic clear out.
  • This can be an opportunity for a fresh start somewhere new or closer to friends and family.
  • Allowing another family to purchase their ideal home and enjoy it just as you did.

Need more help with buying with Downsizing?

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