Show Home Interior Tips

How To Achieve That Show Home Look

When you visit one of our show homes, we want you to say WOW I need every bit of furniture in here! Or better yet, WOW I need to move into this house! But, if you aren’t ready to make the move to a new home just yet, see our hints and tips below, on how you can make your home show room ready.

Strip it back

Rule number one for achieving that show home look is to de-clutter. Only have out what you need and use on a daily basis. Everything should have a place, and everything should be in its place. Most of us have so many things that are on display that we don’t even notice anymore, so it’s time to make a conscious effort to put things away that aren’t needed. Baskets, racks and cabinet drawers are just a few great ways to keep your clutter tidy, even when it can’t be seen. 

Lights and Mirrors

For any area within your home that lacks natural light or are a little darker than other spots, try playing with lamps and mirrors. Carefully place mirrors where natural light can bounce off around the room and make it look bigger. The biggest mistake homeowners make when choosing their lights is choosing the wrong size. There’s nothing worse than seeing a tiny light fitting over a huge dining table, or an oversized lamp next to a little sofa. There are some websites that allow you to add your rooms height and width to find the perfect size lamp. How clever!

Cushions and Rugs

A simple yet effective way to accessorise any room with an otherwise a fairly plain seating area is to add cushions and rugs. To add a pop of colour and texture, pull out the accent colours that complement the decor in the room. A large deep rug transforms any room from drab to fab. It helps to add warmth and style without having to spend a fortune. As a rule of thumb, plain over patterned makes your room look bigger, and long tufts over short pile bring a touch of cosiness!

Fill up that fruit bowl

A fresh bowl of fruit on a de-cluttered worktop in your kitchen helps to add instant colour, whilst looking stylish at the same time. Fruit bowl tip - choose a ceramic or a wire mesh bowl as these don’t make your fruit sweat so it slows down the deterioration process! Give it a go and we promise it will transform the look, feel and freshness of your kitchen.

Flowers – what a blooming good idea!

Not really a secret, but flower arrangements should really match the style of the room that they are shown in. If you have a large dining table, try some cala lilies, or for a cosy rustic kitchen, why not try little hand tied posies in a watering can vase. Matching your flower choice to the seasons also helps keep in with the trend. A general rule of thumb is reds/ whites in winter and yellows/pinks in spring and summer. 

Rest and Relaxation Corner

Creating a cosy little corner in your home will have anyone imagining themselves waking up on a slow Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in hand ready to read the newspaper. All you need is a comfy snuggle chair, a warm throw, a side table and a lamp. Let the corner do the talking.

These are only a few tips and tricks on what you can do to freshen up your home. If you want to see how the pros do it, come along to our show homes!

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