Lemme Take a Shelfie! - Our Tips For The Best Shelf Styling

<h1 class="news-banner__title">Lemme Take a Shelfie! - Our Tips For The Best Shelf Styling</h1>

Lemme Take a Shelfie! - Our Tips For The Best Shelf Styling

Styling your shelves gives you opportunities to show off your personal style and make your home more interesting. From styling modern shelving, to decorating bookshelves, you can turn your home into a well-curated haven. In this blog, we'll talk about some of the best ways to decorate your shelves so you can show off all your favourite things with style.

Start with a Clean Slate

Before diving into the shelf styling process and looking at our shelf styling ideas, start by clearing off your shelves entirely. Take a moment to dust and clean each shelf, ensuring you have a fresh, clean canvas to work with. This step will help you approach the shelf styling process with a fresh perspective and prevent clutter.

Mix and Match

By incorporating a variety of objects in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and colours, you can create contrast and diversity in your shelving composition. For a visually appealing arrangement, think about combining objects like books, vases, plants, artwork, sculptures, and other decorative objects. Keep in mind that the key to an interesting display is a combination of various components to create a balance. Speaking of…


Create Visual Balance

Maintaining a visual balance is crucial when interpreting any shelf styling ideas that you’ve perhaps seen in magazines or social media. To help you get that balance, begin by dividing your shelves into segments, such as halves or thirds and then spread the visual weight of your objects between those segments. For instance, if you place a collection of smaller objects on one half of your shelf, place one larger object on the opposite side of the shelf and this will help you keep it well balanced.

Play with Heights

Another one of our shelf styling ideas is something all modern shelving décor should have: varied heights. Your shelving arrangement will appear to have more depth and dimension if the heights of the items on your shelves are varied. By doing this you'll be able to showcase your collection of objects in an interesting and engaging way. 


Use Books as Decoration

Books are not only for reading; they can also serve as stylish decor pieces. Bookshelves are a staple of most homes and with that, books are definitely the go-to when it comes to thinking of ideas of what to put on a shelf. When decorating a bookshelf, organize books by colour, size, or subject matter to create visually appealing arrangements.

Embrace Negative Space

Feel free to leave a few void spaces when it comes to styling your shelves. Embracing negative space lets your chosen items shine and gives those objects breathing room. It also keeps the arrangement from appearing too cluttered. Less is more.


Introduce Greenery

Any modern shelving space is instantly infused with life and freshness by the addition of plants. To add a natural element to your shelf styling decor, place succulents in small pots or indoor plants on your shelves. Pick plants with intriguing foliage or choose plants that can flow elegantly down the shelves, adding an unusual and natural touch to your shelving décor...

Consider Lighting

Some shelf styling ideas such as lighting can often be overlooked, but lighting is essential if you want your shelving to shine. Introduce little spotlights or strip lights above or underneath the shelves to add drama, create depth through shadows or to highlight your most prized possessions. Even having a decorative lamp on your shelving can act as a unique object and provide a lighting source all in one.


Rotate and Refresh

Shelf styling is a continuous cycle, so don’t be afraid to go ahead and change and adjust your shelving arrangement from time to time. Swap your books, trade out beautiful pieces, or add new things in, to keep the look new and interesting. Your shelves should constantly develop alongside your changing preferences and interests.
By following these tips and experimenting with different arrangements of objects on your shelves and bookshelves, you can transform your shelves into captivating, eye-catching focal points within your home.