Garden Party Ideas

Get Your Garden Summer Party Ready

We’re so over dragging out the BBQ from the back corner of the shed, dusting off the sun loungers and blowing up last year’s battered paddling pool. When the sun shines all we want to do is sit back and soak it all up, but it’s so worth investing a little bit of time before the Summer season to make sure your garden really becomes an extension of your indoor living space.
First off, it’s time to clean the Summer essentials, starting with the BBQ! It’s a job we all love to hate but imagine having to clean the BBQ when you’re just about to use it #nightmare! Use a wire brush to clean the burnt food from the wire rack, then wash off the whole thing with warm soapy water.

TOP TIP: Try to get into the habit of brushing the grill with oil or a lemon before you start to cook. This will stop your food sticking and make the cleaning up a lot easier.
Add a splash of colour to your garden by using planters. What’s the secret we hear you ask? Make sure to mix and match plant heights, textures and colours, always use compost and not garden soil and DON’T forget to water your little babies throughout the Summer season. It’s important to think about the full sensory experience, think about using scented shrubs and flowers such as lavender and honeysuckle – these scents are sure to drift across during the warm summer evenings.
Make sure you’re prepared to entertain at all times, you never know who could pop by for an evening drink after work, especially after the year and a half we’ve had! Solar lights will help add a little extra character, save on electricity bills as well as allowing you to enjoy your garden when the sun starts to go down but you’re not quite ready to go in. Why not add some outdoor fairy lights? They’re a quick, simple and cheap way to transform any outdoor space. Hang them up around your seating area or wrap them around plants or trees to really make your garden twinkle.
Get creative with garden paints and stains. As well as injecting a little colour through flowers and plants, you could also look at giving your shed, fences and wooden furniture a little spruce up with a fresh lick of paint. There are so many beautiful, wild and wacky colours that can really get your creative muscles flexed. Not looking to add colour but just want to tidy up your furniture, then stains are for you. Stains enhance the natural beauty of your garden furniture as well as offering protection from the outside.

Now is the perfect time to declutter the shed, especially if you’ve packed it with boxes from the move into your new Chartford Home. Take everything out, sort through and put it into piles of things you want and things you don’t. Give the shed a good sweep and clean and put everything back in, in an organised way. Hinch the shed if you will. Next time you need to dig out the shovel to get rid of those pesky weeds, it will take you 2 minutes!
Whilst there are quite a lot of jobs on the list to get done to be Summer ready, starting now means you can tackle things at a leisurely pace whilst waiting for that Summer sun to arrive. It’s not too late to start, we promise.