Downsizing in Menston?

Downsize To A New Home In Menston

According to The Independent, 11 million people are expected to downsize their homes within 20 years, that’s roughly half of all pensioners and represents an increase of over 300,000 people in the last 12 months alone.

So with this many people considering making the move to a new, smaller and more manageable home, we thought we’d like a look at some of the reasons why downsizing to a new home like the ones at our Wharfedale development in Menston, could be a wise move.

Downsizing Doesn’t Mean ‘Down Living’

First, downsizing to a smaller home is all relative. It doesn’t necessarily mean moving into a two bedroom terrace house and selling off all your possessions. You can downsize and still live in a spacious home.
The key is to think about the spaces you’re not using or could easily live without.

The obvious place to start is the number of bedrooms. If you’re living in a palatial home with eight bedrooms but only using two on a regular basis, then downsizing to a four bedroom home is still downsizing, but without giving up the possibility of having a spare room for family to come and visit.

Another factor to consider is moving to a property with an open plan living space, as opposed to a separate dining room and kitchen. Modern house designs are now far better at creating these living-dining spaces that still give a sense of separate zones, but without the need for rooms upon rooms in the house. That can help make the footprint of new build houses in particular, much smaller than their period counterparts and ultimately means downsizing is easier and less of a compromise.

Swap Spare Space For A Life Of Luxury Instead

Downsizing doesn’t mean living a life of less luxury either! Of course space is valuable, but so are many other things too.

Selling up and moving into a smaller property can release tens of thousands of pounds which can be used to fund a far more luxurious retirement, as many older people especially find themselves asset rich but cash poor. In this sense, downsizing can actually improve your overall quality of life because the funds released from the sale of a large home can be spent on enjoying holidays, taking days out, indulging in fine dining and spoiling the grandchildren if you’re lucky enough to have them.

Equally, if you’re downsizing into a new build property like one of our new homes in Menston, then the build quality, guarantees and brand new fixtures and fittings you’ll get as part of your new home can also save you thousands in maintenance and repairs, especially in comparison to older homes. On a similar theme, the energy efficiency of new build homes and the reduced space and number of rooms that comes with downsizing also means there are savings to be made when it comes to household bills and running costs too.

Even the chores get easier and less time is needed to clean the house and maintain the garden which means you have more time to do the things you enjoy.

Finally, another key advantage of downsizing is that smaller houses ultimately carry  smaller price tags and that means that while you might be downsizing your house, you could upgrade the area you’re living in. Many desirable areas like Menston and the surrounding villages near Ilkley and the Wharfedale Valley come at a premium, so swapping that extra bedroom for a better postcode can also boost your quality of life.

You can enjoy sprawling countryside landscapes, beautiful views and the luxury of having some of Yorkshire’s best attractions and prettiest towns and villages right on your door step.

So if you’re thinking about downsizing, why not view the show homes at our luxury development in Menston today and swap spare space for a life of luxury instead?

Live the life you love.

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