How To Use Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2019

Pantone Living Coral

As every interior design enthusiast and home decorator worth their salt knows, each year the colour experts at Pantone announce their colour of the year. An announcement that invariably goes on to infiltrate everything from clothing, to art work, accessories and of course, interior design, literally setting the tone for the year ahead.

Now while Pantone’s colour of the year alone should not be the only factor to influence your decorating decisions this year, it certainly is worth taking note of, if you want your home to stay ahead of the trends in 2019.

This year, the shade of consequence is “Living Coral”, otherwise known as Pantone 16-1546. It’s described as a warm, peachy orange with golden undertones according to the trendsetters at Elle Décor and Pantone themselves describe it as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge”.

It’s a colour that evokes feelings of optimism and intimacy. It feels earthy and natural, bright and buoyant, so it’s no surprise it’s a colour people want to live with. From feature walls to statement furniture, accents and accessories, Living Coral is extremely versatile, so here are a just a few ideas of how you can use Living Coral in your home.


Colour palettes 

To capture the earthier, more natural side of Living Coral, pair it with soft, muddy colours like Rose Dawn, Burnt Henna and Mellow Buff from Pantone’s Sympatico collection, but if you prefer the livelier side to Living Coral, then Vibrant Yellow and Limpet Shell from the Under The Sea collection make for a tropical, buoyant design instead.



In the bedroom, statement pieces like the Knightsbridge Bed in Coral Brushed Linen Cotton from are a worthwhile investment but if you’re working on a smaller budget and a shorter lifespan, then coral inspired bedspreads like this one from JD Williams are perfect. You can even layer up the look with a throw like this Pom Pom Knitted Hot Coral Throw (and matching cushion) from Secret Linen.


Living rooms

When it comes to living rooms, the only limit is your imagination. Coral inspired sofas are cropping up all over, in all manner of shapes and sizes too, from petite versions like the Charley 2 Seater sofa from to larger, modular sofas like the Juno 5 Seater Corner Sofa. Lighting hasn’t escaped the coral theme either, so you can embrace this colour trend all the way from floor to ceiling. This Aloha Fringe Chandelier from Anthropolgie is a more subtle nod to Living Coral trend and works perfectly with the softer more natural Sympatico palette we mentioned earlier.



In the bathroom it’s about accessories and pieces like these porcelain flower coral decorations from The Little Boys Room on Not On The Highstreet work on two levels, introducing both the coral colour and the coral shape and not to mention heaps of style too. Towels are the obvious choice for a big splash of coral colour in the bathroom of course, but if you’re looking for something bolder and more permanent then these Glass Subway Tiles in coral from are perfect inspiration.


Paint colours

And last but my no means least, is paint. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to any room in the house. Dulux have no less than thirteen shades of coral in their current collection ranging from pink corals right though to pastels and orange corals while Little Green offer the bright and beautiful Orange Aurora.

Even your existing furniture can be brought up to date with Annie Sloane’s chalk paints, there’s no exact shade of coral yet but word on the blogosphere is that you can mix the perfect shade yourself from the already existing collection.

Will you be embracing the living coral colour trend in your home this year? With so many colour combinations, furniture designs and accessories to choose from, we think it’ll be hard not to.


Get the look

Charley 2 Seater sofa from

Charley 2 Seater sofa from
Juno 5 Seater Corner Sofa from

Juno 5 Seater Corner Sofa also from
Porcelain flower coral decorations from The Little Boys Room

Porcelain flower coral decorations from The Little Boys Room
Glass Subway Tiles in coral from

Glass Subway Tiles in coral from
Pom Pom Knitted Hot Coral Cushion and Throw

Pom Pom Knitted Hot Coral Cushion and Throw from Secret Linen
Aloha Fringe Chandelier from Anthropolgie

Aloha Fringe Chandelier from Anthropolgie