NHBC Premier Guarantee

Our Homes are Protected by the Premier Guarantee 10 Year Warranty
NHBC Premier Guarantee

10 Year Protection

For the first two years, the Premier Warranty ensures that should any building faults surface, your home builder will be responsible for resolving these issues without cost and in a reasonable time frame. This does not include things like general wear and tear, damage caused by weather, fire or damp. 

After these two years are up, you are covered for another eight years but only for any structural or physical damage to your home caused by the building not conforming to standard building regulations.  

Please refer to your policy document for more information.


Giving You Peace of Mind 

The Premier Guarantee is just one of the ways we assure you of the quality of our new build homes. Alongside the Chartford Homes Defect Insurance period of two years, having a Premier Warranty protects you and your home for ten years after completion; meaning you don’t need to worry about any hefty repairs and maintenance in those first few years of owning your new home. 

The Premier Guarantee doesn’t just mean peace of mind for the homeowner; it also means our builders have conformed to Premier's high building standards throughout the development of your home. 

Insurance Before You Complete

Your Premier Guarantee cover will be valid from the moment you have exchanged your contracts, even if your home hasn’t been completed yet. This means that the builders are fully liable should the build of your home not get finished or built to the Premier standards.